a haberdasher / an artisan of all things creative
{ sewing . quilting . textiles . photographie . adornments }

welcome to the haberdasherie!
this page is a physical representation of all the things I enjoy in life, that I'd love to share with you!
i am an avid sewer, quilter and traveler, dabbling in photography. i am also a mom of three!

i love the beach.
i love being creative • in the everyday, and in the extraordinary.
i love my family & friends.
i love coffee, and consider myself a foodie.
i love vintage finds.
i love living a life surrounded by creativity.
i am a haberdasher!

• i hope you come along with me, on my journey, of discovering and sharing fabulous things •

feeling craftie . photographie . needle + thread . vintage . eats . musings